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The Dogs of Tre Cancelle - The "Woof-Gang"      (page 12 of 16)                                             

In the summer of 2010 we had an American family staying with us at Tre Cancelle. One very hot day when they were driving back from the beach in Sperlonga, they saw two very little puppies on their own by the roadside. The family returned to Tre Cancelle and told us what they had seen and begged us to take them in.

So we went to take a look, the puppies were very young and hardly weaned, about 6 weeks old. How anyone could just throw out little puppies of this age just beggars belief.  

They were scared at first, but soon seemed pleased to know us. We gave them some food and water which they lapped up eagerly.  They were crawling with fleas so we bathed them first and then we rubbed some Neem oil into their fur which seemed to get rid of the rest of the fleas.  The little girl gave them names – “Little Lizzie” and “Mini Max”

Little Lizzie was bright, adventurous and full of beans, while Mini Max tended to be more timid and apprehensive.  They both loved cuddles and affection and got lots of attention from our guests that summer.  We think that they have some Brittany Spaniel in them.  In Italy these are bred as hunting dogs, and we imagine that they were thrown out because Little Lizzie was the runt of the litter, and Mini Max was far too nervous to be a good hunting dog.

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