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The Dogs of Tre Cancelle - The "Woof-Gang"      (page 13 of 16)                                               

The pups grew quickly and became well and strong.  They both had their own little characters.  “Mini Max” became just known as “Max”.  “Little Lizzie” we often referred to as “Busy Lizzie”, as she was always up to mischief and somehow managed to rope in Max.

We often use a plastic washing airer on which we peg clothes out to dry,  and regularly found items missing or strewn on the ground, or even worse – used for a tug or war.

“Busy Lizzie” also loved digging, especially digging up my lovely collection of potted plants,  the remainder of which we have had to move onto the back patio for safe keeping.  However one day the gate was left open and the result was puppy mayhem.  They were also keen on a good old “rough and tumble”.

We asked around our friends if they could possibly help by taking on a dog or two, but sadly there have been no takers.  Not far from here there is a large kennel, a compound run by the local Comune for the many dogs that have been abandoned in the locality.  We are told that the dogs are well looked after, but it doesn’t seem that they have much of a life in there.  It currently holds over 400 strays. I  think that there are several other such kennels in the Itri area.

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