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The Dogs of Tre Cancelle - The "Woof-Gang"      (page 14 of 16)                                               

Paul befriended a couple who run a Butchers shop in Itri. Once or twice a week they put by some off-cuts and large bones to boil up. The bones were so large that Paul has had to cut them up with his chain saw.  At a local supermarket they also save us scraps from the Deli Counter. The resulting meaty broths certainly gets the canine noses twitching !!!

Tragically, while we were away in the UK visiting family and friends, poor Deefer got out and was knocked down by a speeding van. Our friends who were looking after Tre Cancelle and the dogs in our absence were devastated, as were we.

Also in 2011 sadly we lost Barney, then Louby and little Meggie to a nasty illness which was also very distressing.

Then in October another new dog arrived and caused the others to bark loudly. This didn’t put her off, it seemed that she was looking for company. The next thing that we knew was that she had actually jumped into Trixy and Monty’s enclosure.  The poor creature was starving and dehydrated, just skin and bones and very very timid and just ran skittishly around in circles. She seemed to be a thorough-bred hunting dog – a black and white  English Setter, yet someone had abandoned her. What could we do but take her in !!! We named her Millie.  

We of course then had to get her sterilised, as we had done so with Lizzy, as we definitely didn’t want any more puppies. Millie is still very timid and scatty but will come and take a biscuit from us now.

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