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The Dogs of Tre Cancelle - The "Woof-Gang"      (page 15 of 16)                                               

Last Christmas we returned to the UK for 3 weeks to visit friends and family. Our neighbour kindly agreed to feed the dogs in our absence. On our return we discovered that there was another new dog on the scene. This too was a hunting dog, a tan and white Pointer. He had chewed his way through the fencing to get into our property.  He also was starving, but after an initial hesitance soon became much more friendly.  So yes, we took him in too.  He is known as Henry – the name suits him well.  He has made himself head of the pack, and started to pick on little Max, so we now have to keep them separate, so Max is now our House dog.   Henry’s favourite occupation is chewing through chain link fences, much to Paul’s despair !!!

Sadly earlier this year dear old Lucky also found his way to doggie heaven.  We were not sure of his age but we think he was the oldest of the Woof-Gang.                    So currently there are 10  members of the “Woof-Gang”.

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