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The Dogs of Tre Cancelle - The "Woof-Gang"      (page 2 of 16)

Then, one morning, while we were still sleeping in the caravan, during the renovation of the farmhouse, I awoke to hear some strange scratching and squeaking sounds coming from underneath the van.  I hastily threw on some clothes and ventured outside to investigate.  I bent down and peered beneath, but was unable to see or hear anything.  A little while later the whimpering sound started up again, so this time I crawled right underneath and caught a glimpse of an animal.  With patience, little by little I eventually succeeded in coaxing the cold, wet, bedraggled creature out with some biscuits, and carried it up to the house.  It turned out to be an emancipated young dog, a spaniel cross with a docked tail.  It must have been about 12 weeks old.  We offered it some food and milk which it gulped down at an incredible speed of knots, it was clearly ravenous.  We took it upstairs to warm and dry out in a box in front of the fire. Little by little we managed to befriend it and won its confidence and it seemed to became very attached to Louise, enjoying the cuddles and affection.   We decided to name her "Cara" as she was found under the "Cara-van"!!!    The following morning we let her out for a run, and she skitted and scampered around enthusiastically, darting here and there - and then ………we blinked. Was it a trick of the eye, or were there now two dogs?  Or were there three?  Yes there were definitely two, with similar markings and colouring.  The second was far more timid, but gradually came for some food, which once again was eagerly dispatched.   We didn't have the heart to turn them away now, after all they were so sweet, and Deefer, Louby and Barney didn't seem at all troubled by their presence.  We named the second spaniel "Bella" and jointly the two became known as "The Terrible Twins".  

However one hound was rather more persistent than the others, a large, rusty brown male, who was showing considerable interest in Louby, who it seemed was coming into season.  Indeed Louby liked the attention of this canine “Casanova” and actively flirted with him.

Despite Paul's regular best efforts to drive him off the premises by yelling and screaming like a mad man at him, dousing him in cold water, it was to no avail as the stubborn pooch would return again and again.  Eventually Paul gave up and thus the dog became a permanent fixture at Tre Cancelle”.   We named him "Deefer" - ie "D for dog"!!!  He turned out to be a quiet, wise, good natured beast, a faithful old hound who enjoyed company and regular meals.

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