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The Dogs of Tre Cancelle - The "Woof-Gang"      (page 5 of 16)

Yet, too soon the pups were almost old enough to leave their mother, so we were faced with the challenge of finding suitable, caring homes for them all.  Now we had 10 doggie mouths to feed.  

However, Louise had already decided that she would like to keep one of them, Flossie, who had inherited Welsh Border Collie characteristics from Louby and her foxy colouring from her father Deefer.  

The owner of a pet shop in Itri, the local newsagent and supermarket allowed us to display an advert and photo on their notice boards.  We managed to find a good home for the two male puppies, however there were no takers for the girls.  

Tess was the darkest and the stockiest of the girls, while Meg was rather timid and petite with pretty facial markings.  They were all very skittish and enjoyed romping, frolicking and play fighting.

We soon organised to get Louby and the young spaniels, Cara and Bella, sterilised.  

The dogs  loyally follow us around the olive groves while we are working outside.  They each have their very individual characters.  Cara and Bella especially enjoy rooting about, stalking and prancing on the small lizards that scuttled about in the heat of the day, and also passionately chase butterflies and moths.  

Louby took to jumping up olive trees, look below, there’s a photo to prove it!  

One day, however, Cara swallowed a bee, which resulted in her face swelling up and her foaming at the mouth.  The vet bills began to mount.  Then, as well as getting Floss, Meg and Tess sterilised, there were a multitude of other costly injuries and ailments.  Deefer had a vicious fight with another dog, whilst defending his territory and of course came off the worst;  Barney had a severe ear infection;  Louby suffered from a flaky skin infection, Meg was bitten by something, possibly a snake.  Then Tess was very poorly with gastro-enteritis.  

Bella developed a limp.  Then a week or so later she chased after a scooter and got run over by its wheels badly bruising one of her legs.   Yet more vet's bills !!!   An X-ray revealed that miraculously there were no breakages but curiously disclosed some lead pellets from a shot gun were embedded in her leg, which was probably why she had previously been limping.  

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