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The Dogs of Tre Cancelle - The "Woof-Gang"      (page 6 of 16)

Fortunately all made a full recovery, however the vet strongly advised us to get all the dogs vaccinated as a matter of urgency. Then of course there were the various treatments for fleas, ticks and other parasites, and last but not least the cost of feeding them all.  Yet our money had almost run out, and there was very little left in the pot, but it was still important to get some fencing sorted out for the dogs to keep them safe and out of the way of visitors, and prevent them from straying onto neighbouring land,  from chasing after cars, scooters and most favourite of them all ... cyclists !!!  It was out of the question to fence off  all our  eight acres of land.

The builders worked alongside Paul to make a large fenced area of grove close to the house.  Paul constructed some “rustic” gates to allow us access, and a kennel to keep the hounds warm and dry in the winter months.  

However, the dogs appeared to have formed themselves into an effective “Escape Committee”, and regularly tested out the new defences.  Sometimes it was as little as five minutes before  Flossie or Meg, "escape artistes extraordinaires" cheerfully appeared  back outside the front of the house, with a  “Is that the best you could do?" sort of look on their faces !!!   Paul, began to  refer to himself as :  "Kommandant of Stalag Luft Drei Kancelle" !!!

Paul took daily walks around the fence in an effort  to work out how the pooches were managing to escape so easily.   "Ve ave vays und means of keepin dem in!"  he  said.  Far easier said than done !!!  It seemed that the dogs were proving to be the more intelligent species, indeed some were experts at digging out, while others favoured leaping or scrambling over the wire fence or even chewing holes in it.  

In protest, on finding herself incarcerated, Cara took to howling pitifully, and the others eagerly followed suit forming a somewhat dischordant  choir.  

Then there was a new arrival, a rather good looking male dog.  This time, however, we swore not to take in another animal.  We did not give him an inch of encouragement.  In fact, Paul yelled at him, chased him off brandishing sticks, sprayed him with cold water  and did not feed him for a whole week.  Yet the obstinate canine didn’t take the slightest bit of notice, and persistently returned, time and time again.  So ... yes you guessed it .... we took him in, and Paul very aptly named him “Lucky”.

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