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The Dogs of Tre Cancelle - The "Woof-Gang"      (page 7 of 16)

Then last summer ….. yet another new dog turned up on the block !!!   Again we tried to ignore it and didn’t feed it although it was clearly ravenous.  Our Italian friends paid us a visit one afternoon, and when they saw it Franco bawled at it, hurled stones at it and chased it away up the drive, saying we really should not encourage it.  Of course ten minutes after they’d driven off the cunning hound came running straight back. 

Paul and I decided that as she didn’t look too thin, she probably had recently escaped from somewhere close-by. Thus, Paul decided to take her for a “piccola passeggiata” in the car, and drove round to Valle Fredda a few kilometres away.  Here he released her from the car and fed her, and then swiftly drove off back home.  I must say I was not convinced that this was the right course of action.

Next morning when I stirred from my slumber I caught a glimpse of a dog running past the bedroom window …..  Yes, she had made her way back to us !!!

Needless to say that, despite his vociferous protestations,  was the first to give in and feed her again, so now we had the round number of 10 pooches on our hands.  Mamma Mia !!!  She was named Trixie, a young dog with a touch of Alsatian in her.  Fortunately we had found a new Vet, in fact he is our Doctor’s nephew, who generally works down in the Campania region.  Thankfully, he is very sympathetic to our cause and kindly comes here to see the dogs, rather than us having to take them all down to Itri in the car, which is a real nightmare as many of the dogs tend to get very car sick on the bumpy, winding road down through the olive groves to the Via Appia.

Last Christmas we went back to the UK for a few days to see the family. You may be familiar with the phrase …  “While the cat’s away the mice will play”  … Well, in this case it was the dogs who played !!!

It appeared that whilst we enjoyed our little break, our dog sitters, through no fault of their own, were a little less adept at keeping the pooches in their normal enclosures, and Trixie, the only un-sterilised female got a Christmas present from Lucky, or was it the other way round !!! 

Either way this resulted in Trixie giving birth to 5 puppies, 4 boys and a girl.  We originally thought Deefer was the most likely responsible candidate,  but none of them shared his reddish rusty colouring so this seems rather doubtful.   It was more likely to have been Lucky.  Lucky by name, Lucky by nature??? !!!

The only saving grace was that it is generally easier to re-home males rather than bitches, so we  were hopeful that we would be able to find good homes for them all. Trixie  proved to be an excellent and very protective mother.  We named the puppies as follows:  “Monty”, “Bertie”, “Alfie”, “Georgie” and “Maisy”.

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